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Let´s make it easier and funnier for each other!
Look under events and see if there is anything that suits you! Please submit events you are attending to or event you would like to do with someone else around the world.

Being in love with triathlon is expensive =) but above all amazingly fun. Are you like me and would like to do triathlon races around the wide world or
just go away for a long weekend to run a spectacular half/marathon with ssomeone else who thinks in the same paths
(My example of an event you must try is Åstol around – Swimrun, youtuba or see the clip under events). You may feel soaked on a bike trip,
but no one else can accompany you, so do you stay at home too?!

The idea of ​​Tri-Out is that we should share the event you should attend on the calendar, everyone has heard of “rings on the water” =).
Even though we, as endurance athletes, have the amazing ability to train in infinity for ourselves, it will be all the more fun to go on exercise trips,
where you from the first day have someone next to / behind / in front of you =).

I’m a bit too comfortable to test myself on a new bike paradise, landing 27/4 for the 3rd consecutive year in Mallorca. It’s easy not to choose a new
place when you are already familiar with the wonderful bike paths there, never forget the buffet that makes it say smack in the coffin =).
The pancakes for breakfast mmmmmm.

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