Just “try” Tri-out, look under events and see if anything suits you!

The idea is that we can participate on events together with people from all over the world, events that you want to do but just not by yourself. Why not just create an event and see if anyone else also want to join! If no one will join you on tri-out´s first year they just might join next year?!

If this works I will fix “awsome” add-ons to the page, such as; visitors can switch between English and Swedish, a counter so we all can see how many participants that are active, a better event calender, self registration and more, please come with suggestions. I will also make it easier with contacts but remember, this is just a test, I don´t want to spend more money than I allready have on the webpage before I know this works.

Just a little bit of help can mean so much, help with a webpage to rent a cheap room, meet up with the boy/girl just before the event etc.

I know i will jump on a plane to any country over the weekend if I just would know that someone will meet me up and join the race.

Have nothing to do with anything =) just a nice bike and it´s all mine =)